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Industry 4.0

The concept of ‘Industry 4.0’ or the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ involves applying digital technologies to manufacturing and to a company’s value chain, and includes new organisation, management and exploitation models.


AIMPLAS is aligned in this area with the following SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

Companies must adapt to this new context, which will be directly rewarded with increased productivity, competitiveness and enhanced results.
In AIMPLAS, we enable companies to take advantage of the opportunities that technologies offer, such as additive manufacturing, plastronics and functional printing. We perform a situation diagnosis and help in process digitalisation.
The aim is to encourage companies to move forward on the road towards the ‘factory of the future’ in order to achieve a sustainable, modern and integrated productive environment within the concept of Industry 4.0.

Research lines

Additive Manufacturing​
  • High-performance materials and composites.
  • ​Optimization of the process to obtain rods, tapes and powder.​
  • Study and development of support and sacrificial structures.​
  • Hybrid additive manufacturing.​
Plastronics and Compositronics​
  • Hybrid and flexible electronics.​
  • Integration of electronics into complex structures.​
  • Plastronics products.
Structural Simulation​
  • Prediction of polymer and composite properties.​
Functional Printing​
  • Functional printing of security elements, smart labels, antennas, sensors, etc.​
  • Functional inks and silicones.​
  • Electronic printing technologies.

Industry 4.0 Projects