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Recycling is a key sector for the plastics industry, and is especially relevant in order to move towards the circular economy both in Spain and in Europe.

The plastics industry is exposed to constant change as a result of growing environmental and quality demands, made by processing companies and end users.

AIMPLAS offers solutions for companies to turn this change into opportunities that contribute to improve their efficiency, reduce their environmental impact and increase their cost-effectiveness.

Waste - resources

At AIMPLAS’ recycling area, we work on the different technological routes for the recovery of waste from all sectors where plastic is present: automotive, packaging, textile, construction, fishing, energy, leisure, and sports.

Recycling routes

Recycling technologies


Taylor-made recycling solutions

  • Adaptation and reduction of particle size.
  • Waste separation and identification.
  • Cleaning and decontamination: SC-CO2
  • Recycled material for food contact application: Challenge Test
  • Solvolysis/Depolimerization to obtain monomers and oligomers.
  • Colour removal.
  • Recycling of composites.
  • Dereticulation of cross-linked polymers (rubber, EVA).
  • Separation of layers: delamination.
  • Mechanical recycling.
  • Chemical recycling of plastic waste.
  • Physical recycling.
  • Pirolysis and gasification.
  • Enzymatic / biological cracking.
  • Ecolabels and certifications applicable to the recycling of plastic materials.
  • Analysis of recycled plastic waste and materials.



Thanks to our pilot plant’s equipment in all recycling technologies, we provide tailor-made recycling solutions, based on the study and analysis of our customers’ requirements.

  • Shredding and particle size reduction capacity for all types of plastic films and parts. Grinding, cutting and shredding mills. Micronization.
  • Washing, centrifuging and cyclone system. Separation in water by density.
  • Electrostatic and triboelectric separation. Zigzag air-separator system.
  • Optical plastic material identifier and separator (NIR).
  • Plastic waste analyzer / identifier.
  • Reactors of different capacities for chemical recycling.
  • Pyrolysis pilot plant.
  • Microwave-assisted pyrolysis.
  • Biological and enzymatic treatment: cracking and fermentation.

Certifications and ecolabels

We are at the forefront of legislative requirements on waste, offering specialized advice in this field.

We help companies along the entire plastics value chain to become certified through different mechanisms (RecyClass and/or UNE-EN 15343), an issue of great importance to ensure the chain of custody of the material and traceability.

Moreover, together with KIWA, we are accredited by ENAC so that companies can avoid or reduce the tax on non-reusable plastic packaging required by the Spanish Law 7/2022 on waste and contaminated soils for a circular economy, by carrying out audits.

  • UNE-EN 15343: Recycling process and recycled content.
  • RecyClass: Recycling process (formerly EuCertPlast) y and recycled content. Technological validations ( PP and PE films).
  • Blue Angel: Post-consumer recycled content.
  • Plastica Seconda Vita: Pre- and post-consumer recycling process.
  • APR: Technological validations (PE films).


Rely on specialists in plastic recycling technologies
Cutting-edge equipment

State-of-the-art machinery for the development of new solutions and projects.

Customized assistance

Personalized assistance for solving recycling challenges tailored to the waste, product, and industry.

Specialized training

Specialized training in the recycling process tailored for professionals.