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Injection Moulding

Plastic injection moulding is a manufacturing process that involves melting plastic and injecting it into moulds to create plastic parts and products.

The applications of injected parts in products have experienced sharp growth in a broad range of sectors such as packaging, the automotive industry, household items, electronics and medicine. In this increasingly demanding market, it is essential to invest in innovation.

One of AIMPLAS’ main activities in injection design is to support companies in this competitive improvement, considering different factors such as processes, materials and product design.

Injection moulding solutions

  • Manufacture of pre-series for product validation and regulatory compliance.
  • Search and selection of the best material alternatives based on specific part requirements.
  • Development of CAE studies to ensure suitable product design in the project development phase.
  • Manufacture of prototypes for geometric, aesthetic and functional product validation.
  • Support in drawing up part specification sheets as a ‘product for sale’ to ensure product is successfully brought to market.
  • Determination of flow path/thickness ratio and shrinkage according to UNE 294 standard.
  • Definition of the regulatory framework of the minimum characteristics that products must comply with to specify final geometry.
  • Adaptation of processing parameters to meet product requirements.


  • Conventional and non-conventional injection machinery.
  • Injection of standardised test specimens.
  • Blowing equipment for bottle preform.
  • Vertical injection.
  • Multicomponent injection.