Spanish technology centre
16 April 2018 en Innovation, Technology Watch
The concept of ‘Industry 4.0’ is based on the idea of the fourth industrial revolution, a revolution which leads us to a new and more-developed scenario that integrates the industrial value chain and involves new organization, management ...
Spanish technology centre
10 April 2018 en Bioplastics
The importance of biobased materials is still growing in the European textile and plastic converting industries. Each year, new applications are being developed imposing increasingly stringent demands on mechanical properties, durability...
Institute of Plastic Technology
05 April 2018 en Environment
In recent years, the legislation regulating waste management has focused on reducing the environmental impact in packages and their wastes with specific provisions that foster the use of compostable bags, such as the French directive that...
Plastic research institute
03 April 2018 en Construction
The project OSIRYS, which has concluded successfully, has already been applied in a real building. In particular, in an office building in the Estonian city of Tartu.

The project, which was aimed at improving indoor environment quality...
26 March 2018 en Bioplastics
The project consortium of FIBFAB has been working on the development of the PLA formulations, the processability evaluation and the fibre properties characterization at pilot plant level during the last 6 months.
In addition, the...
Plastic research institute
15 March 2018 en Training in plastics
Valencia is again the capital of new plastic materials with the celebration of the II edition of the international seminar Plastics are Future, organized by AIMPLAS, the Plastics Technology Centre, on 24 and 25 April. In this meeting,...
Plastic research institute
12 March 2018 en Construction
Fibre-reinforced composites are materials of great interest for very demanding sectors, such as the construction and the automotive industries, thanks to their low weight and the excellent mechanical properties they have.
Spanish technology centre
09 March 2018 en Functional Printing
Flexible electronics and its integration in plastic materials, also known as plastronics, offers countless development possibilities of innovative products, providing a response to demands form different sectors, such as the energy,...
Institute of Plastic Technology
05 March 2018 en Packaging
Since the implementation of the injection-blowing processes, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles are present in a wide variety of packages in different sectors, such as the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. The packaging...
Spanish technology centre
27 February 2018 en Food sector
The Directorate General for Health and Food Safety (DG SANTE) of the European Commission is working on a specific regulation for printed food contact materials. Its intention is to have it by the end of 2018, but it may not be possible...