Institute of Plastic Technology
20 September 2018 en Innovation, R&D
Plastronics is a new research and development line in the field of electronics that includes the incorporation of electronic components in plastic materials, the development of flexible electronics and the use of conductive materials based...
Institute of Plastic Technology
13 September 2018 en Innovation, Technology Watch
Over the last 30 years, the Industry 3.0 has been based on a well-defined automation architecture consisting of five layers. Field devices such as sensors and input/output devices at the lowest layer send data to logic controllers through...
Institute of Plastic Technology
10 September 2018 en Innovation
The 5th edition of Composite Spain will be held on 26 and 27 September at IFEMA (Madrid). All the national and international innovations in composites and technologically-advanced materials will come together there.
CE Marking tanks plastic
30 August 2018 en Analysis and Testing, Construction
AIMPLAS carries out the tests required for the CE marking of plastic tanks and sewage treatment plants, since it is notified by the Ministry of Industry as a Notified Body no 1842.
Spanish technology centre
03 August 2018 en Innovation, Packaging
Mnemosyne, Greek goddess of memory, gives her name to an ambitious European project coordinated by AIMPLAS, whose main objective is to guarantee the survival of films, photographs, posters and slides produced between 1895 and 1970 in...
Plastic research institute
02 August 2018 en Energy efficiency, Innovation
Over the last five years, about one hundred projects related to plastics’ sustainability have been carried out in the amount of 100 million euros
Spanish technology centre
01 August 2018 en Analysis and Testing, R&D
Within the field of composite materials, we find a wide range of processing techniques based on the use of reinforcing materials mainly focused on textile structures and matrices of polymeric materials. Depending on the thermoplastic or...
Institute of Plastic Technology
27 July 2018 en
The project RepescaPlas ‘Material recovery of plastic wastes collected from the sea: characterisation, applications and product development’ is born to find a solution to the marine wastes and their negative effect on the marine...
Spanish technology centre
23 July 2018 en Automotive and Transport
AIMPLAS takes part in the European project MAT4RAIL, ‘Designing the railway of the future: fire resistant composite materials and smart modular design’, which aims to reduce the weight of railways by replacing metallic structural...
Spanish technology centre
18 July 2018 en Training in plastics
Last 27 and 28 June, the first edition of the Compounding World Expo took place at Essen’s Messe (Germany), where the main actors of the compounding world, over 150 exhibitors and 4000 registered attendees met and confirmed the success of...