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Sector envase y embalaje


AIMPLAS provides solutions to the main packaging problems facing companies in the food, hygiene, cosmetics, medical, pharmaceutical, cleaning and industrial chemistry industries.

Food waste
Environmental impact
Food safety
Customized packaging
Problemas de funcionalidad

Our solutions for the packaging sector

Increased shelf life to reduce food waste
  • Development of materials with high barrier properties for applications in multilayer structures or with coatings.
  • Control and characterization of packaging: identification of multilayer structures, permeability, sealability…
  • Development of intelligent systems that detect food expiry dates and reduce food waste.
  • Use of waste to obtain biopolymers and additives used in plastics.
  • Development of active packaging to extend the shelf life of packaged products.
Sustainable packaging
  • Development of packaging that has a lower environmental impact through ecodesign, based on methodologies such as carbon footprint and life cycle analysis (LCA).
  • Product recyclability.
  • Use of sustainable materials (recycled, bio-plastics).
  • Biodegradability and compostability studies.
  • Product certification.
  • Control of marine waste, minimization of waste, collection, characterization and applications for marine waste.
  • Development of reusable packaging and compliance with applicable legislation and standards.
Safe packaging
  • Validation to ensure safe packaging complies with food contact plastics legislation, and global and specific migration control.
  • NIAS (non-intentionally added substances) identification and minimization studies.
  • Compliance with legislation on recycled products used for food contact, both in the authorization process and in the development of products based on the use of functional barriers.
  • Basic and advanced level legislation workshops to assist businesses in ensuring safety and compliance with food contact material legislation.
Packaging adapted to the consumer
  • Design and development of products adapted to the elderly, easy-opening systems, dispensers, labels, smart visual indicators, etc.
  • Development of customized packaging using digital and 3D printing.
  • Development of materials with high thermal resistance to obtain microwaveable and ovenproof containers.
Asesoramiento en envase y embalaje
Advice on improving properties
  • Advice on the analysis of causes of failure, breakage, and malfunctioning.
  • Control and characterization of packaging: leaks, breakages, watertightness, chemical compatibility, sealability…
  • Enhanced properties by combining polymers, additivation and/or polymer modification and processing conditions.
  • Technical reports for arbitration and expert reports.
  • Training on materials, processes and plastic material characterization.


Packaging Solutions

More than 25 years providing solutions to companies in the packaging sector.