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Sustainable Mobility

Sustainable mobility fosters better use of energy resources and seeks to reduce the impact that the movement of goods and people has on the environment and society.


AIMPLAS is aligned in this area with the following SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

One of the main challenges is the reduction of CO2 emissions. In order to promote cleaner transport, we need more efficient engines, more aerodynamic shapes and lighter vehicles to cut back on energy consumption.
Plastic materials play a key role in weight reduction. At AIMPLAS, we work in sectors such as the aeronautics, automotive, railway, maritime and aerospace industries to help construct vehicles that are more lightweight and less polluting. This is achieved through the development of high-performance composites, materials with advanced properties and special coatings, and replacing traditional materials such as steel and glass with plastics that offer similar or superior performance.

Research lines

Materials and Products for Sustainable Mobility​
  • Development of bio-based composites for mobility. ​
  • Development and formulation of nanocomposites.​
  • Use of recycled thermoplastic and thermoset materials. ​
  • Thermoplastic and thermoset materials with advanced properties.​
  • High-performance materials and composites for additive manufacturing technologies.​
  • Functional coatings.​
  • Isotopic markers.
High-performance composites
  • Self-reinforced and long, continuous, standard and unconventional fibres.​
  • Composite sensorization. ​
  • Hybrid composites.
Advanced manufacturing processes for polymeric and composite materials
  • Multifunctional and hybrid structures.​
  • Processing of thermoplastic materials with continuous fibres.​
  • Curved pultrusion.​
  • Thermoset pre-pregs.
Smart Mobility
  • Integration of electronics and sensors into complex 3D structures (in-mould electronics and compositronics).​
  • Energy vectors for the use of H2 in vehicles.​
  • Composites for storing H2 in vehicles.
  • Plastic materials for vehicle battery components.​