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Health and wellbeing

The use of plastic materials in medicine has contributed to improving patients’ quality of life, to increasing hygiene, and reducing costs. Yet there are no limits as to where future innovation in the health industry will take the use of plastic materials.


AIMPLAS is aligned in this area with the following SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

In AIMPLAS, we carry out research into the development, improvement and characterisation of biocompatible polymeric materials for medical applications, such as prostheses, bone regeneration, and tissue reconstruction. We contribute to improving radiotherapy treatments thanks to innovative polymeric markers.

We research new compounding solutions for the development of pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and veterinary products.

We develop coatings with antibiotic properties for medical supplies and add special characteristics to floors and walls, such as electrostatic dissipation, electromagnetic shielding and antimicrobial properties. We also improve the electrical conductivity of plastics for medical monitoring devices for patients.

In addition, we develop adapted smart packages that increase the shelf life of drugs, provide additional information about them and improve the ways doctors and patients use them.

Research lines

  • Development of pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and veterinary products. ​
  • Controlled release of active ingredients.​
  • Nanomarkers for medical therapy and imaging. ​
Health products
  • Hydrogels and biocompatible and bioabsorbable materials.​
  • Design and prototyping of medical devices.​
  • Detection of pathogens in hospital environments.​
  • Cancer diagnosis.​
  • Monitoring chronic diseases.​
  • Monitoring of emerging contaminants (microplastics, drugs, etc.).
  • Strategies to reduce contaminants.

Projects in Health and Wellbeing