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Accreditations and approvals

ASEFAPI Reference Laboratory

The Spanish Association of Paint and Printing Ink Manufacturers recognizes AIMPLAS as a reference laboratory.

Laboratorio de referencia ASEFAPI

Once again, this year, AIMPLAS has been recognized by ASEFAPI, the Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Paints and Printing Inks, as a reference laboratory for its members, as published in its Guide to Testing and Reference Laboratories.

As a result, we carry out a wide range of tests on paints and coatings, including colour measurement in accordance with standard UNE-EN ISO 18314-1. AIMPLAS is the only centre in Spain accredited by ENAC for this standard.

This Guide is distributed by ASEFAPI to its associates and collaborators with the aim of providing a reference text of the most characteristic tests on each product in the paints, coatings and printing inks sector.

  • Adherence
  • Measurement of layer thicknesses
  • Hardness, scratching and abrasion
  • Determination of wet-scrub resistance and cleanability of coatings
  • Resistance to stone and gravel impact
  • Surface tension and contact angle
  • Coefficient of friction (static and dynamic)
  • Measurement of surface roughness
  • Climatic tests (temperature, humidity and IR radiation)
  • Artificially accelerated ageing (xenon and UV)
  • Chemical resistance
  • Stain resistance
  • Food contact legislation: global and specific migration
  • Fire behaviour (UL 94 flammability, cone calorimetry, determining the oxygen index and horizontal flammability)
  • Emission tests on painted vehicle interior parts in a 1 m3 emission chamber: VOCs, aldehydes, ketones and odour
  • Analysis of surface defects using scanning electron microscopy (SEM)
  • Coating composition analysis (FTIR, DSC, chromatography)
  • Conductive properties (surface resistivity, CTI, glow wire and thermal conductivity)