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AIMPLAS to hold free webinars in June under the motto ‘Plastic reinvents itself’

In view of the current situation, AIMPLAS has organized a series of free webinars to be held in June under the slogan ‘Plastic reinvents itself’. With the aim of bringing together topics of interest to the plastics industry, a wide range of content has been included on topics related to the medical, automotive, recycling and CO2 reduction sectors.

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AIMPLAS working to develop quick new blood, urine and fluid tests to detect COVID-19 virus

The technology centre is working on the development of a quick, cost-effective and efficient technique based on the modification of gold nanoparticles to detect antibodies of SARS-CoV-2 or its antigen.

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New materials for capturing CO2 could be used to reduce industrial emissions and as catalysts

New nanomaterials will enable capturing CO2 from industrial emissions with improved CO2 desorption. These materials have also been shown useful as catalysts in the recovery of CO2 for the synthesis of chemical products.

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AIMPLAS Meets Company Demand for Restructuring Based on Circular Economy Criteria

In financial year 2019, the technology centre presented more than 80 circular economy projects, taught 25 courses on the topic and sponsored 26 talks by AIMPLAS experts.

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Olive stones to develop a new sustainable plastic material for oil packaging items

The GO-Oliva project will make it possible to develop Oliplast, a new biodegradable, compostable plastic material from renewable sources that will be used to manufacture new packaging materials for oil and oil products.

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AIMPLAS makes its resources and production capacity available in the fight against COVID-19 and has designed a new mask with replaceable filters

Given the health emergency generated by the COVID-19 pandemic, AIMPLAS is working to make its knowledge of materials, […]

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