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European project BIOnTop obtains promising results in development of new recyclable and compostable packaging

In its first year, the European project BIOnTop has achieved good results in its experimental work on copolymers and compounds with customized biodegradability and multifunctional coating solutions with customized properties.

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Innovative plastic materials, natural additives and novel irrigation technologies will improve performance of Mediterranean greenhouses by 15%

Agricultural production and reaching to healthy food are becoming an increasingly agenda topic in the world. Moreover, greenhouse […]

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The importance of sensory analysis in food packaging

As stated in the basic principle of Regulation 1935/2004 on materials and articles intended to come into contact with food, “any material or article intended to come into contact directly or indirectly with food must be sufficiently inert to preclude substances from being transferred to food

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Circular economy brings new business models to electrical and electronic sector

Eco-leasing, product customization, better waste management and ICT tools for bidirectional communication between manufacturers, consumers and waste managers will help reduce the 12 million tonnes of waste produced by this sector each year.

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Combined analytical techniques: New TGA-FTIR transfer line installed at AIMPLAS’ Chemical Characterization Laboratory

Nowadays having the maximum amount of information of plastic material is a priority when solving different problems regarding the processing, the selection of materials and the quality of the raw material and the final product, the development of new compounds or products, etc.

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New analysis equipment at AIMPLAS’ Chemical Laboratory

In order to expand the possibilities of analysis by infrared spectroscopy on plastic samples of different characteristics, AIMPLAS has acquired new equipment that combines the typical techniques of infrared spectroscopy with the advantages of having a microscope attached to the spectrophotometer to perform IR analysis on samples or areas of microscopic size.

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