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Polymers and photovoltaic solar energy: use, challenges, and considerations

The industry of solar energy has experienced significant growth during the last few years. This occurred thanks to […]

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AIMPLAS to hold second edition of PLASREC, its International Seminar on Plastics Recycling

AIMPLAS will hold the second edition of PLASREC, its International Seminar on Plastics Recycling, on 15-16 November, where […]

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A project works on more sustainable, safer, lighter, and longer-lasting batteries to unlock electric mobility in high-performance vehicles

Advances in electric mobility are revolutionizing urban and short-distance transportation. However, there is a clear need to fulfil […]

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New materials from non-biodegradable plastic waste for the packaging and pharmaceutical industries

AIMPLAS has carried out chemical and biotechnological pretreatments to turn synthetic plastics into biodegradable bioplastics.

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AIMPLAS participates in a European project to develop environmentally sustainable printed electronics

Today, scarce metals and unsustainable materials are used to build conductive circuits in electronic devices. To help reduce […]

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BeonNAT demonstrates the potential of biomass cultivated to produce bioplastics for cosmetics, biochar and pet litter

In its first two years, the European BeonNAT project has achieved promising results that demonstrate the potential of […]

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