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Companies in the Plastics Sector Are Working to Improve Recycling of Multilayer Food Packaging to Obtain High-Quality Recycled Polyamides

The RECIPAM project, funded by the Valencian Innovation Agency (AVI), is developing new recycling methods for multilayer food packaging that improve the quality of the resulting materials so they can be incorporated into high value-added applications.

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URBANREC Project Promotes Reuse in Valencia, Creates First Recycling Centre in Turkey, and Opens “Second-Chance” Shops in Belgium

The URBANREC project, now ending, provides technical and logistics solutions to solve the problem of bulky urban waste in the European Union. The project results will be presented in the European Parliament on 6 November.

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AIMPLAS to Present Developments Through Virtual Reality Experience at K 2019 Fair

AIMPLAS is due to participate in the K 2019 fair in Düsseldorf and will be present in booth E12-08, Hall 8a, where it will surprise visitors with a virtual reality area to show the results of its innovations.

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Biocomposites in the automotive industry: potential applications and benefits

Biocomposite materials can be defined as composite materials in which at least one of the constituents is derived from natural sources. This includes composite materials made from the combination of petroleum-derived polymers reinforced with natural fibre, biopolymers reinforced with natural fibre, or biopolymers reinforced with synthetic fibre (e.g. glass, carbon).

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Flame-retardant plastics: AIMPLAS expands its capacities in the development of flame-retarded materials

Flame retardancy of plastic materials is a limiting property to be used in several applications. However, their lightness makes them a very interesting alternative in applications such as aeronautics and railways. On the other hand, legislation is becoming more restrictive and is demanding more health and eco-friendly products, improved fire resistance and less smoke toxicity.

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General Hospital of Valencia Research Foundation and AIMPLAS create UROPLAS Joint Research Unit in order to use biopolymers to improve patients’ quality of life

The Research Foundation of the General Hospital of Valencia and AIMPLAS have signed an agreement to establish the UROPLAS Joint Research Unit for research in the field of biopolymers for medical application.

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