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The RepescaPlas project to continue to seek a new life for litter collected from the sea in its second year

The RepescaPlas Project has completed its first year with more than 3,000 kilos of marine litter collected from the Galician and Valencian coasts.

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AIMPLAS extends its accreditation for artificial turf testing

As a result of the continued collaboration with the Biomechanics Institute of Valencia (IBV), AIMPLAS obtained in 2016 […]

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New collaborative project to pilot selective recovery of pure plastics from multi-materials waste

The MultiCycle project held a successful kick-off meeting in Brussels on 28th November. This new three-year EC Horizon […]

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AIMPLAS maintains its leading position in plastic materials testing by obtaining TÜV AUSTRIA certification

TÜV AUSTRIA (formerly Vinçotte) has recognised the laboratories of AIMPLAS allowing companies to obtain the OK Compost INDUSTRIAL, OK Compost HOME, OK BIODEGRADABLE SOIL and SEEDLING labels through their tests.

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A new highly conductive geothermal energy system to save up to 25 % installation costs

The new highly temperature-conductive plastic components developed within the GEOCOND project will improve the efficiency of geothermal facilities. The new system will make possible to reduce drilling depth by up to 20 %, thereby saving installation costs up to 25 %.

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The Valencian plastics industry to improve its efficiency thanks to the circular economy

AIMPLAS makes progress in the development of the ECONOMÍA CIRCULAR 2 Project to make developments in recycling and biodegradation to later transfer them to the entire Valencian plastics transformation and recycling industry.

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