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Benefits of using recycled plastics in food packaging

The reasons to use recycled plastics in new products are many, among others environmental and economic benefits. Companies can decrease the carbon footprint of their products by using recycled plastics while the costs of material acquisition can also be reduced in some cases.

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Migration and plastics: false facts about the replacement of specific migration with overall migration

There is one point companies are not frequently quite sure about: whether they need or not to perform […]

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Krishna Reddy (TPL): “R-PET is the only food packaging film that contains a high amount of PCR”

Krishna Reddy, head of R&D and Sustainability at Polyplex Corporation, explains the latest developments of TPL. The EU […]

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Project to measure the presence of microplastics in wastewater and develop new filtering methods

The MICROPLAST project, which is coordinated by AIMPLAS and involves the participation of Aguas de Valencia and the Universitat de València, will focus on the development of a standardized methodology to detect microplastics at wastewater treatment plants.

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Circular economy in cities: URBANREC final conference to be held in Brussels

Bulky waste is a challenging waste stream since there are about 19 million tonnes of bulky waste produced […]

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AIMPLAS signs up to the ‘Operation Clean Sweep®: zero pellet loss’ initiative

AIMPLAS, within the framework of its commitment to environmental conservation, has signed up Operation Clean Sweep® (OCS), a […]

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