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Meetingpack announces the MP2022 awards to recognize innovation and sustainability in barrier food packaging

The call for nominations is targeted at national and international companies whose innovations in sustainable packaging solutions contribute to industry development.

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Now accredited for emissions testing using the one cubic-metre chamber method, AIMPLAS expands its testing capacities to include emissions from plastic materials in vehicle interiors

AIMPLAS has expanded the scope of its testing accreditation for the automotive industry by including the one cubic-metre chamber emission method.

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AIMPLAS organizes seminar on plastics recycling in Valencia to discuss using R&D to tackle the challenge of environmental sustainability

On 1-2 December, AIMPLAS held the first edition of its International Seminar on Plastics Recycling, in hybrid format with the participation of more than 200 experts

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The role of recognized laboratories and certifying bodies

The demand for bioplastics is increasing exponentially, and a wide range of biodegradable and/or compostable products is now available. According to the latest market data compiled

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Transformation processes for thermoplastic composites that can replace metal components of batteries

The VETERIA21 Project will develop new, more efficient transformation processes for thermoplastic composites so they can be used to replace

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Circular economy will boost the growth of the European fishing industry

Recovering and reusing fish and fishing material waste to reduce food waste and safeguard marine ecosystems thanks to […]

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