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AIMPLAS helps design railway of the future with more lightweight composite materials

The MAT4RAIL project developed new formulations of hybrid resins that will make it possible to replace metal railways parts with lighter composite materials. Smart interior parts were also designed to increase capacity and provide greater passenger comfort.

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How does finite element simulation help in the development of your product?

Finite element simulation is a computer-aided mathematical method that allows solving differential equations related to physical issues on complex geometries, allowing to design and improve in advance products and applications in a virtual way.

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The advantages of standardisation for the characterisation of recycled material

The growing market of recycled plastics is increasingly adopting the use of testing and product standards that are used and interpreted by all the agents of the value chain.

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AIMPLAS carries out research on conductive plastic materials for intelligent and sustainable transport

The FLEXOTRÓNICA Project, funded by the Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness (IVACE), will develop flexible electronic components and conductive plastic materials for the mobility and transport industry.

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AIMPLAS acquires two testing machines for the automotive sector

AIMPLAS has acquired recently two testing machines of great importance to characterise automotive parts with a painted surface. One of them is a car wash lab apparatus, which simulates the washing of automotive parts and the other one is a gravelometer, which simulates the impact of gravel when driving a car.

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New value chains for urban biowaste for producing high value-added bioproducts

With the participation of AIMPLAS, the WaysTUP! Project aims to produce food additives, insect protein, bioethanol, biosolvents, bioplastics and other bio-based resources.

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