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AIMPLAS hosts the IV edition of the Fire-Retardant Plastics Conference

The fourth Fire Retardant Plastics Conference, organised by AIMPLAS with pinfa support in Valencia, Spain, 4th April, brought together seventy flame retardant producers, compounders, flame retardant users and retailers.

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The IV edition of our Compounding workshop to be held at AIMPLAS’ facilities

On 29 and 30 May 2019, the IV edition of the compounding workshop ‘The art of mixing, reinforcing and incorporating additives to plastics’ will be held at AIMPLAS’ facilities in Valencia, Spain. Luis Roca, head of the Compounding department of AIMPLAS, will lead the workshop discussing the latest innovations in the field of compounding.

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The keys to achieving sustainable plastic food packaging to be discussed at MeetingPack 2019

Industry leaders such as AMC Juices, Enplater Group, Novamont, Grupalia Pack and TÜV AUSTRIA, among others, will talk about their success stories on the incorporation of the Circular Economy and sustainability in their production processes.

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You can now register for the 9th European Weathering Symposium

From 18-20 September, the 9th European Weathering Symposium (31st Colloquium of Danubian Countries on Natural and Artificial Ageing of Polymers) will be held in Basel, Switzerland.

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Chemical recycling to allow recovering polyurethane from landfills to use it as raw material

The FOAM2FOAM Project is developing a new chemical recycling process for waste such as foams from furniture and vehicles, packaging, construction insulation, sports shoes and electronics.

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New surface coatings to allow purifying the indoor environment of buildings

The project is developing coatings to be applied in floors, furniture, paint, composites and ceramics to purify the indoor environment of buildings and photodegrade substances such as formaldehyde by means of photodegradation.

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