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AIMPLAS signs up to the ‘Operation Clean Sweep®: zero pellet loss’ initiative

AIMPLAS, within the framework of its commitment to environmental conservation, has signed up Operation Clean Sweep® (OCS), a […]

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Biopolymers: Medical Solutions

The use of plastic materials has led to an endless number of advances in medicine, but there’s still […]

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New plastic materials and coatings will make it possible to install floating wind farms in deeper water with fewer costs

Wind farms are a clean, sustainable and independent way to produce electricity on land, and offshore wind farms […]

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How to make plastics flame-retardant

AIMPLAS generates new knowledge and technologies that can be transferred to companies in order to help them to […]

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EuCertPlast auditor accreditation to carry out inspections of plastic recycling plants

EuCertPlast is a European certification granted to plastics recyclers that work according to the highest quality standards and the current legislation. This certification makes possible to assure suppliers and customers that the treated waste and the materials obtained in the certified recycling plants have been processed according to best practices.

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How to turn the Circular Economy into an opportunity for your company

For a long time, we have used a linear model, in which products are produced, used and then […]

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