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New sustainable packaging will extend guacamole’s shelf life by 15% thanks to labels and additives extracted from the avocado itself

The GUACAPACK Project, funded by the Valencian Innovation Agency, aims to use renewable sources to develop an innovative biodegradable packaging system that includes barrier labels and antioxidant additives from avocado waste that will extend food’s shelf life by 15%.

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Virtual MeetingPack 2021 agenda will address packaging sustainability and the incorporation of recycled material

Virtual MeetingPack 2021, a prelude to MeetingPack 2022, will present innovations and address the challenges of the food packaging sector on 27 May through a series of inspiring presentations and round-table discussions.

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Thanks to innovation, forests will be key for sustainable urban development

The European BASAJAUN project will optimize the use of forest products to boost the economy in rural areas and obtain new materials and construction systems based on the circular economy of wood.

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UPLIFT, a project to boost circular plastic packaging in the food & drink sector

SUSTAINABLE INNOVATIONS and AIMPLAS are the two Spanish partners involved in the execution of UPLIFT, a new project […]

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New, more resistant materials for port fenders with up to 50% recycled content

The DURPROMAT Project, funded by the Valencian Innovation Agency, is developing new materials to make port fenders that are more resistant to impact, UV radiation and the action of marine organisms.

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AIMPLAS develops rapid antibody test that is more sensitive than commercial tests in detecting immunity to SARS-CoV-2 and UK variant

A project managed by AIMPLAS has developed a new process for producing rapid COVID-19 tests. According to clinical trials in patients, the test can detect antibodies, as well as the UK variant, with a sensitivity of over 98%.

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