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AIMPLAS works on the development of smart traps and pheromones for an eco-friendly control of the gypsy moth in oak forests

The gypsy moth, Lymantria dispar (L.) (Lepidotera: Erebidae), is an indigenous species that infects oak forests in Central […]

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AIMPLAS participates in a new Horizon Europe project on reusable plastic packaging

AIMPLAS participates in a new European research on reusable plastic packaging. The project BUDDIE-PACK, funded by the Horizon […]

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Ways of capturing CO2 from diluted sources. Trends and technologies

In recent years, the CO2 capture processes start to be established as a powerful tool to reduce emissions of contaminant gases in the industry. According to the IEA CCS plans, the evolution must be clear: The capture processes must grow

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AIMPLAS participates in a European project to develop a game-changing Liquid Hydrogen storage tank to enable the transition towards H2 -powered aviation

On September 2019, the United Nations launched the International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies to strengthen […]

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The C-SERVEES Project implements new circular business models in the electrical-electronic sector with three manufacturing companies

After more than four years of work, the C-SERVEES Project has come to an end by implementing new […]

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AIMPLAS participates in development of new masks and face shields with natural additives that protect against viruses and bacteria

AIMPLAS is participating in the development of new masks and face shields with antimicrobial properties that help prevent […]

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