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Recycled plastic waste and materials

'Waste' means any substance or object which the holder discards or intends or is required to discard by legal provisions in force.

There is pre-consumer and post-consumer waste. Their characteristics are different and different materials can be obtained from each one.
Recovered or recycled materials come from waste but are no longer considered waste

A recovered material is waste that a company generates, treats (e.g. by shredding) and reintroduces into the transformation process. This material is not bought, but has a technical sheet and a safety sheet.

To ensure that recycled materials are of the required quality for processing and for the finished product to work properly, international standards define the mandatory and optional characteristics to be measured, specifications and testing methods applicable to each type of material.

Testing and product standards

Testing and product standards are generally voluntary unless legislation stipulates that application is mandatory. However, product standards UNE EN 15344, UNE EN 15345, UNE EN 15346, UNE EN 15348 and UNE EN 15342 include both mandatory and voluntary testing standards.

In this case, the fact that some tests are mandatory does not mean that the law requires the tests to be performed. However, when a manufacturer states that its product complies with a product standard, this implies that the manufacturer has performed at least the mandatory tests on the samples. UNE EN 15343 does not refer to a specific product, but to the traceability and conformity of recycled plastic.

Product and material certification

The Aenor N Mark is a voluntary product certification that is widely used in Spain and guarantees that the products that carry it are of high quality.
One of the steps required to obtain this mark involves carrying out a series of tests in a laboratory selected by Aenor. In particular, AIMPLAS’ laboratories are included in the Specific Rules for Plastic Materials (RP 001.00).

Tests according to Aenor-Specific Rules:

PE bags

Polyethylene (PE) bags with a high content of recycled material for the transport of products according to rule RP 01.89. This rules is based on standards UNE 53930-1 and -2. The tests required include determination of thickness according to standard UNE-ISO 4593, volume according to standard UNE-EN 13590 and dynamic load according to UNE 53930-2.


Your characterization tests with full guarantees
Tests accredited by ENAC

AIMPLAS has the highest number of tests accredited by ENAC (Spanish National Accreditation Body) for plastics according to the UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard in Spain.

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We provide added value to our clients through a close relationship, advice on the interpretation of results and the preparation of clear and understandable reports.

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AIMPLAS ensures the best results and quality for its clients so that companies can guarantee the reliability of their products or services