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Today, the importance of information in companies is obvious. It is essential to keep up to date with limitations, trends, competitor strategies, new threats and opportunities that may affect your company’s current status.

However, how can you collect, filter and analyse such a huge volume of information? The answer lies in our Technology Watch and Competitive Intelligence service. We provide and analyze relevant information in your environment and your organization, and turn it into knowledge, making it easier for you to take decisions with fewer risks and enabling you to anticipate change.

Observatorio del Plástico

The Observatorio del Plástico (Plastics Observatory) is the Technology Watch and Competitive Intelligence service created by AIMPLAS to help the entire plastics value chain in its strategic decision-making based on access to high added-value information.

What kind of services does the Observatorio del Plástico offer?

  • Information for the management of innovative ideas and business opportunities.
  • Competitive monitoring.
  • Detection of trends.
  • Customized alerts adapted to your needs.
  • Technology watch reports.
  • Technological supply and demand.

Do you want more information about our competitive intelligence services?

Technology Watch Tool SoftVT: the perfect tool for strategic decision-making

SoftVT is a Technology Watch and Competitive Intelligence tool that helps you in your strategic decision-making, in generating innovative ideas and in detecting business opportunities.

SoftVT offers customized and centralized technology intelligence, and management of both technology and business information that is useful for R&D&I projects and for monitoring the competitive environment. Its flexibility makes it a practically unlimited user-friendly system, which is open in terms of development and functionalities and can be fully adapted to the needs of each client.

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