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The world’s population and, by extension its purchasing power, are increasing. The agri-food industry needs to step up production whilst ensuring this is compatible with food safety and generating less food waste.


AIMPLAS is aligned in this area with the following SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

The packaging industry is making huge efforts to respond to these challenges using technology. In AIMPLAS, we help companies to develop new packaging solutions that extend the shelf life of packaged products, inform the consumer about the condition of the products contained in them, and feature new functions or properties. Our work in this area has already led to several successful smart and active packaging products already being brought to market.

In addition, we help companies comply with plastics legislation on food contact and with hygiene protocols and good manufacturing practices.

Research lines

Active Packaging​
  • Formulation of plastics with active additives.​
  • Coatings.​
  • Encapsulation and controlled release.
Smart Packaging​
  • Functional printing for marking and sensors.​
  • Plastronics.​
  • Multifunctional and hybrid structures.
Food Safety​
  • Detection, identification and reduction of NIAS.​
  • Development of safe re-usable food packaging.
Barrier and High-Performance Packaging​
  • Functional coatings.​
  • High-barrier materials. Hybrid materials and surface treatments.​
  • Paper, cardboard, plastic film coatings with bio-based polymers, fatty acids and wax.