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Plastica Seconda Vita

This certification helps boost the quality of recycled plastic and guarantee its traceability.

Seconda vita

The Istituto per la Promozione delle Plastiche da Riciclo (IPPR), the owner of the Plastica Seconda Vita (PSV) brand, was created based on the initiative of the plastics supply chain (producers, processors, recyclers).

Its main objective is to provide a visibility platform for all manufacturers and distributors of recycled plastic and related products.

IPPR created the PSV brand with the aim of enhancing the quality of recycled plastic and guaranteeing the traceability of recycled materials.

What certification means / What it is for

The work of the PSV brand focuses on materials and products obtained from the recovery of plastic waste from selective collection and other post-consumer streams. It also focuses on materials and products obtained from pre-consumer waste.

PSV certification certifies only traceability and recycled content in accordance with standard ISO 14021.

  • Environmental labels and declarations
  • Self-declared environmental claims (type II environmental labelling).

Depending on the origin and intended use of the certified material or manufactured article, the PSV collective mark mentioned above may be used in conjunction with one of the descriptions indicated below and placed in the position shown.

Benefits of Certification

  • Transparency towards customers on compliance with traceability requirements and good practices.
  • For converters who will place their products in Italy, this will be another way to avoid the plastics tax when it enters into force in Italy.

How to get certified

To become certified, it is necessary to contact the IPPR and be assigned an auditor. AIMPLAS helps companies in the process of preparing the documentation required for this certification scheme. We have extensive experience with certifications and can clear up all the questions that arise in the certification process.