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Plásticos en sector eléctrico y electrónico

Electrical and electronics

AIMPLAS provides solutions to the main problems facing electrical and electronics companies.

Protection against electromagnetic interference (EMI)
Materials with advanced properties
Functionality issues
Development of innovative products
Optimization of manufacturing processes
Environmental impact

Our solutions for the electrical and electronics sectors

Soluciones plásticos sector eléctrico-electrónico
Protecting equipment against electrostatic discharges and electromagnetic shielding
  • Development of conductive polymers.
  • Plastic materials with anti-static properties and electromagnetic shielding.
electrónica flexible e in mould electronics
Plastic materials with advanced features
  • Plastic materials with non-halogenated flame-retardant additives and smoke dampers.
  • Functional coatings: self-cleaning, anti-scratch, etc.
  • Materials with antimicrobial, antioxidant and biocidal properties.
  • Improved thermal and surface resistance.
  • Improved thermal conductivity properties and thermal and/or acoustic insulation properties.
  • Integrating electronic components into plastic materials (Plastronics): flexible electronics and in-mould electronics.
Asesoramiento en materiales plásticos
Advice on improving properties
  • Control and characterization: identification and quantification of additives and fillers, ageing, climate, mechanical and thermal properties, electrical conductivity and resistivity…
  • Advice on the analysis of causes of failure, breakage, and malfunctioning.
  • Enhanced properties by combining polymers, additivation and/or polymer modification and processing conditions.
  • Technical reports for arbitration and expert reports.
  • Training on materials, processes and plastic material characterization.
Desarrollo de productos eléctricos y electrónicos
New product development
  • Product design and prototype manufacturing.
  • Advice on the design and manufacture of moulds.
  • Search for and selection of suitable materials.
  • Legislation and regulations in the electrical and electronics industries; REACH, RoHS and RAE.
  • Development of dissimilar material systems (polymer-metal or two different kinds of polymers).
  • Additive manufacturing and 3D printing – manufacture of short or customized production runs.
Process improvement
  • Optimization of manufacturing processes.
  • Processability studies, drafting of manufacturing and end-product technical data sheets.
  • Reduction of tool changeover times.
  • Process audits to reduce costs.
Plásticos agrícolas compostables
More sustainable products
  • Ecodesign to develop products that are easy to recycle, and product recyclability studies.
  • Inclusion and compatibility of recycled plastic materials.
  • Development of new polymer matrices based on biomaterials.
  • Development of plastics with organic fillers and natural fibre reinforcements.
  • Ecolabelling of materials and/or products.
  • Environmental impact assessment (Carbon footprint, LCA).