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Recycled Content UNE-EN 15343

This standard establishes guidelines on traceability and recycled material content in products


Under standard UNE-EN 15343:2008, certification schemes are described that must be accredited. It is applicable throughout the plastics value chain, from recyclers to end-product convertors.

Through certification under the standard, companies guarantee that they comply with the requirements of the legislation with regard to traceability and recycled content.


  • For end-product converters, obtaining certification means that non-reusable plastic packaging is exempt from payment of the tax in relation to the content of recycled plastic material included in the product.
  • It increases the transparency of the European plastics industry, ensures traceability of recycled material from the source and verifies the percentage of recycled plastic included in the product.
  • It provides the exact recycled content (pre-consumer and post-consumer) of your recycled plastics.
  • It guarantees the quality and traceability of materials for manufacturers and brands, and informs consumers about the products that contain recycled plastic and their benefits.
  • Market competitiveness.

How to get certified

AIMPLAS is an auditor and has a team of professionals accredited to carry out these audits by the body that issues the certification.

A specialized team to help you get your certification
Accredited auditors

For each specific certification scheme, we have accredited auditors with extensive experience and knowledge of the sector and applicable regulations.


We bring added value to our clients through proximity throughout the process, flexibility, clarity and transparency, not to mention clear, comprehensible reporting.

Experience and know-how

AIMPLAS guarantees the highest technical competence and extensive experience in the field of issuing certificates in the recycling sector and in a broad network of certified companies.