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Research and development of active varnishes and smart inks for packaging functional printing

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To develop an ink indicating the presence of oxygen for direct printing in flexible packaging allowing to monitor the quality of food.


BACTINT has developed functional varnishes and inks based on hybrid and conductive polymers respectively for the food packaging sector. It also provides solutions that give an added value to the active and smart packaging sector by means of the use of MOFs as molecular adsorber and the development of indicators that allow to detect a possible leak in a packaging.

The results of BACTINT allow:

I. Using heavy metal-free conductive inks (less contaminant).

II. Extending the shelf life of packaged food, increasing the product’s duration and therefore contributing to reduce the percentage of wastes food.

III. Keeping the sensory and nutritional food properties for a longer period of time.

IV. The development of a simpler and more economic functional packaging.

V. Contributing to a lower consumption of packaged food and therefore to a lower packaging waste generation.

VI. Contributing to the ease of use by the consumer.

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