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The Design Guide of the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) is a protocol for assessing the recyclability of plastic packaging and other items.


Technological validation is performed using APR methods to assess an innovation’s recycling performance based on certain known variables and conditions.

APR test protocols are used to check if an innovation is fully compatible with the appropriate plastic recycling stream. The test plan deliberately uses a high level of innovation in each assessment to reveal the potential for negative impact. The tests performed and measurements taken are intended to reflect the appropriate conditions for the diversity of processing technologies and customer requirements found in the plastics recycling industry.

What it’s for

A recyclability protocol validates the compatibility of a specific technology (e.g. functional barrier, adhesive) with a given recycling stream.

  • The main objective of evaluation protocols is to verify the recyclability of new and innovative materials in a standard recycling stream.
  • These protocols verify the effect of these materials/structures in a controlled situation while bearing in mind the most restrictive scenario: a post-industrial, closed-loop recycling process.
  • If materials have little or no effect on the standard performance of PE or PP in this type of recycling process, they will also have little or no effect on post-consumer recycling streams.


  • Competitive advantage
  • Differentiation from other products and organizations
  • Regulatory compliance assurance
  • Access to the international market

How to get certified

In order to start validation work, the client must contact an approved laboratory.

In this case, AIMPLAS is certified to work on validations of:

  • Rigid HDPE
  • Rigid PS

Our solution

Phase 1: Pre-treatment: shredding and washing, and densification.

Phase 2: Extrusion: pelletizing of different mixtures and filtering

Phase 3: Conversion:

  • Film extrusion
  • Blown film extrusion for LDPE
  • Cast film extrusion for PP
Fully guaranteed
Recognized facilities

We have recognized pilot plants and laboratories for carrying out technological validation work (PP and PE FILM, Rigid PE and PS).


We bring added value to our clients through proximity throughout the process, flexibility, clarity and transparency, not to mention clear, comprehensible reporting.

Experience and know-how

AIMPLAS guarantees the highest technical competence and extensive experience in the field of issuing certificates in the recycling sector in a broad network of certified companies.