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Packaging and packaging waste

The Royal Decree on packaging and packaging waste includes many of circular economy concepts established in the European Plan on Closing the Circle, as well as the transposition of part of the Directive on single use plastics.

The document has two parts. The first sets out the goals, waste prevention and reduction measures, as well as recycling and recovery actions. The main points include:

  • Restrictions on fruit and vegetable packaging.
  • Encouraging the reuse of packaging.
  • The mandatory use of recycled plastic
  • Ecodesign requirements.

The document’s second part includes the regulation on extended producer responsibility, which mainly affects packers or importer of packaged products at domestic, commercial and industrial level.

New obligations include registration in the Register of Product Producers, reporting duties, participation in individual (SIRAP) or collective extended producer responsibility schemes (SCRAP) and their financing.

How we can help

AIMPLAS maintains its commitment to the industry by offering training on this topic at Spanish and European level and provides companies with services for the development of new packaging, as well as justification of compliance with legislative requirements, following the guidelines of the circular economy.