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Expert reports and arbitrations

If you need an expert report or arbitration for products and processes, contact us. 

We work in all areas of the plastics sector to solve conflicts between suppliers and customers and as a party in court proceedings.

To offer this service, our experts use their know-how and expertise in plastic transformation processes, as well as the characterisation, properties and behaviour of plastic products.

How can we help you?

  1. Our experts collect the information available on the product or process to be analysed in the expert report, based on information provided by the company itself as well as any related technical information. This data is used to prepare a desk study.
  2. Afterwards and depending on the type of study, pilot plant trials can be carried out. We can reproduce over 20 different plastics manufacturing processes and we are one of the most comprehensive centres in Europe.
  3. Finally, we perform analyses and tests in our laboratories, which have the highest number of ENAC accreditations for plastics according to the ISO 17025 standard at national level.
  4. The process ends when the detailed expert report with its conclusions is issued.