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Procurement processes

We offer our laboratory services to businesses to assist in the purchasing decision-making process.

AIMPLAS supports company using plastic articles and products in their procurement processes by means of the following laboratory services accredited by ENAC in accordance with standard UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025:

  1. Analyses and tests to characterize candidate products to be purchased, e.g. physical, mechanical, optical, chemical properties and legal requirements.
  2. Validation of plastic products as a step prior to procurement to ensure that they meet the expected requirements.
  3. Quality control of plastic materials and products as part of the quality plans implemented by companies and outsourcing this service to the AIMPLAS laboratory.
  4. Polymer failure analysis of plastic materials and products when they do not behave as expected, based on the extensive experience of AIMPLAS researchers.
  5. Verification of specifications and technical requirements defined in tender documents for each procurement (request for proposal).
  6. Advice on the selection of suppliers through analysis of the technical characteristics of suppliers’ products.
  7. Comparative studies of plastic products by carrying out the appropriate tests with the aim of selecting the product that best meets intended end-use requirements.

In addition, AIMPLAS helps companies develop and innovate new products when characteristics are required that are different from those of the products available in the market. AIMPLAS offers support in all stages of the process, e.g. initial conception, design, prototyping, in-plant testing, final product validation.