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Accreditations and approvals

Volkswagen, Renault, Daimler

Our laboratory has the approvals of major manufacturers to carry out the verification of their parts.

Laboratorio homologado por Daimler (Mercedes-Benz)

Companies in the automotive sector require laboratories that are approved by the manufacturers themselves to conduct different tests in accordance with both international standards and the manufacturers’ own testing procedures

To that end, brands carry out audit processes to assess the laboratories that perform tests according to their requirements.

AIMPLAS’ tests have been approved for different manufacturers to ensure that their parts are reliably verified before being launched onto the market.


AIMPLAS’ laboratories feature on the list of laboratories approved by Volkswagen Group to measure the emissions present inside vehicles according to the group’s VW 50180 standard.

  • Determination of condensable substances (Fogging) according to standard PV 3015.
  • Determination of total volatile organic compounds (TVOC) according to standard PV 3341.
  • Emission of Formaldehyde according to standard PV 3925.

Renault Group

Renault Group is another manufacturer that carries out its own internal approval process. AIMPLAS’ laboratories have been approved as subcontracted self-validation laboratories.

A number of tests had to be approved before it could be recognized by Renault as one of the laboratories that can provide polymer services. The tests carried out in AIMPLAS’ laboratories that were approved include identification tests, mechanical tests such as tensile, peel and tear tests, and performance tests under external conditions, in accordance with either international standards such as ISO 2781 and ISO 48-4 for density and hardness, respectively, or the company’s own standards, such as D25 1413-C for gloss and D45 1333-J for flammability.

Daimler (Mercedes-Benz)

Daimler has recently accepted ISO 17025 (ENAC) as minimum requirement for independent laboratories and Aimplas holds this accreditation for more than 25 years.

Moreover, Daimler has introduced an additional requirement for volatile compounds emissions for automotive interior parts. AIMPLAS has been approved for odour testing according to VDA 270 and we are continuously working to expand this scope of approval.

Our laboratories are approved to forward reports through the MTI Hub.