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Sector agrario plásticos


AIMPLAS provides solutions to the main problems facing companies in the agricultural industry.

Crop quality
Functionality issues
Environmental impact
Agricultural waste

Our solutions for the agricultural sector

Soluciones plásticos agricultura
Ensuring optimum crop quality
  • Development of materials with new features (biocidal, antimicrobial, anti-thermal, light diffusers, etc.) to protect crops.
  • Plastics with controlled release of substances (natural pest repellents, fertilizers, anti-root, etc.).
  • UV resistance, chemical resistance, permeability, wavelength control, etc.
Solutions to the problems of breakage and degradation of plastic products
  • Advice on the causes of failure, breakage, degradation, installation issues, etc.
  • Control and characterization of plastics in agriculture: mechanical and thermal properties, ageing, analysis of UV additives.
  • Enhanced properties by combining polymers, additivation and/or polymer modification by reactive extrusion.
Plásticos agrícolas compostables
Development of more sustainable plastics
  • Use of recycled plastic, recyclability studies, control and characterization of agricultural products using recycled plastic.
  • Development of biodegradable and compostable agricultural products, including soil compostability.
  • Biodegradability and compostability studies and advice on the certification of compostable products (DIN Certco).
  • Environmental impact assessment (Carbon footprint, LCA).
Plásticos en agricultura
Management of agricultural and plastic waste
  • Using agricultural waste to obtain biopolymers and additives.
  • Using agricultural and forestry waste as fibres and fillers in plastic products.