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Accreditations and approvals

FER Directive Portugal

This regulatory framework for plastic waste promotes sustainability and the circular economy.

Directiva FER de Portugal

The FER Directive establishes a regulatory framework to ensure the traceability of plastic waste and its re-incorporation as a raw material, thus allowing its subsequent use for the manufacture of products (End of Waste Condition).

At AIMPLAS, we advise companies on how to comply with the criteria required by the Directive and we carry out the necessary laboratory tests in each case:

  • REACH criteria.
  • Characterization in accordance with standards UNE-EN 15342, UNE-EN 15344, UNE-EN 15345 and UNE-EN 15348 (applicable to materials to be validated).
  • Specific requirements for the final application: percentage of other materials and non-plastic material.

Benefits of implementing the FER Directive

  • Complying with standards in Portugal.
  • Supplying a raw material with added value due to the stability of the product’s characteristics.
  • Developing data sheets on recycled materials.
  • Being familiar with the performance of the recycled materials processed.