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AIMPLAS provides solutions to the main problems facing companies working in the health industry.

Optimization of medical devices
Biocompatible materials
Diagnosis, treatment of illnesses and surgery preparation

Our solutions for the health sector

Diseño y desarrollo 
 de dispositivos médicos
Improving medical devices
  • Development of conductive polymers with antistatic properties and electromagnetic shielding.
  • Functional coatings: self-cleaning, anti-scratch…
  • Materials with antimicrobial, antioxidant and biocidal properties.
  • Integrating electronic components into plastic materials (Plastronics): flexible electronics and in-mould electronics.
Desarrollo de biomateriales
Development of materials that are safe to use in humans
  • Development of new materials for tissue and/or bone regeneration.
  • Development of biocompatible and bioabsorbable materials.
  • Smart materials: phase change, shape memory, electroactive and magnetoactive, self-repair capability.
  • 3D printing of gels for tissue growth.
  • Synthesis of hybrid materials and special copolymers.
  • Hybrid composites.
  • In vitro tests required by Regulation (EU) 2017/745 on medical devices, which aim to ensure their biocompatibility with the human body.
Help with diagnosis, treatment of illnesses and surgery preparation
  • Controlled drug release thanks to polymeric materials for encapsulation.
  • Nanomarkers.
  • Study and development of support structures.
  • Materials for 3D printing of organs for surgery preparation.
  • Development of biosensors.

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