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Design and development

We advise you throughout the entire process of creating plastic products.

In order to bring a new plastic product to market and ensure its future industrial viability, it is essential to take into account design, materials, production and processing, as well as managing and/or recovering, this product once its life cycle has ended.

In the initial phase, it is important to be aware of possible legal restrictions, limitations arising from similar developments already on the market and product certification requirements. Product features must also be considered (weather resistance, resistance to chemical agents, resistance to high or low temperatures, chemical incompatibility, lack of mechanical properties, etc.).

Once the viability of the product has been analysed, there are three keys to successful development: design, materials and the manufacturing process. The optimum product will be obtained from the best combination of the three.

Plastic products design

1. CAD/CAE Design and Development

Digital design and development play a fundamental role in the launch of a new product in terms of both aesthetics and functionality. Design and simulation iterations are key to obtaining an optimized product while taking into account the design rules of the manufacturing process before proceeding with product transformation.

2. Materials

Material selection is linked to design and manufacturing, which makes technical knowledge necessary to ensure that the product can be manufactured with plastic materials, and to search for the most suitable materials that meet the technical, aesthetic and regulatory requirements associated with the sector.

3. Manufacturing process

Selecting the manufacturing process should be based on several different factors:

  • CAD design
  • Planned production volume
  • Estimated manufacturing cost
  • Production speed

At this stage, good advice should include selecting the least costly manufacturing process for effective implementation, and optimizing product design without losing functionality so that manufacturing is as inexpensive as possible for the client.


Three determining factors: CAD/CAE design, materials and processability. The material and the process will affect the design rules.

The technological assistance of experts is fundamental to tackle the design and development of new products with guarantees. AIMPLAS can help you through the entire process by analysing its viability and addressing each of the fundamental phases required to bring a product to market.