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Conductive plastics

Plastics can be mixed with conductive materials to obtain different products with electrical and thermal conductivity, thanks to the ease with fillers or fibres can be added to them and to the fact that they can be converted into multiple shapes, parts and thicknesses.

To achieve this, know-how of the mixing process and suitable facilities are needed in order to obtain the best performance at the lowest cost, given the high prices of conductive fillers.

Our solutions

In order to meet customer requirements and to solve the main problems related with conductive plastics, AIMPLAS has developed solutions in the most critical areas such as:

  • Correct selection of conductive fillers.
  • Dispersion assessment to ensure quality and performance.
  • Facilitating handling/dosing of low bulk materials.
  • Measuring capacity from 1000-10E-14 Ohm.

Technical advice and assistance

We can help you to:

  • Obtain antistatic, dissipative and conductive plastic compounds.
  • Obtain masterbatches of conductive fillers.
  • Develop a new range of conductive materials based on nanomaterials (CNT, graphene, CNF, etc.).
  • Optimise the dispersion of conductive fillers in order to maximise performance.
  • Develop new conductive compounds with new conductive fillers.
  • Study the influence of processing parameters during injection and extrusion.
  • Upscale compounding for industrial production machines.
  • Draw up datasheets for the new compounds.