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New additives

New raw materials ( fillers or additives) are a cyclical constant in the world of plastics appearing as a result of new regulations (REACH), new developments (natural additives, new minerals) or the search for new properties.

Most companies are not in a position to introduce these new materials or to work with them like they did with their previous materials. The result can be poor additive dispersion or degradation, as well as preliminary difficulties in handling or dosing, with the corresponding loss of time/money and poor final properties.

Our Solutions

To help masterbatch producers, compounders and raw material suppliers to overcome these problems, AIMPLAS focuses on the following aspects:

  • Correct choice of additive or filler and polymer.
  • Legislation and new regulations.
  • Dosage tests.
  • Raw material degradation studies.
  • Design of the method to introduce the additives.
  • Adaptation of the compounding process.
  • Dispersion measurements.
  • Benchmarking studies and preparation of technical specifications.

Technical Support

Working with new additives and fillers is not easy. Most of the time they are not suited to the processing conditions of plastics, they do not come in the right format or do not have the proper particle size, etc.

AIMPLAS has designed processing protocols to optimize the blending of these materials without compromising their stability and integrity.

We can help you introduce new materials into plastics, so you can:

  • Validate new additives or fillers in plastics.
  • Obtain new functionality in your final product to set you apart from your competitors.
  • Learn how to process and mix this new material.
  • Develop new masterbatches and make it easier to use new materials in the plastics sector.
  • Make test batches from 0-50 kg.
  • Carry out industrial upscaling.
  • Carry out dilution studies in injection moulding or extrusion to assess the final performance of the new additives or fillers.