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Bioplastic formulations

Bioplastics and biodegradable plastics, in particular, have increase their presence in our daily lives. The main reasons behind this are the need for more sustainable materials, updated regulations and new marketing trends.

Nevertheless, achieving optimum performance with biodegradable polymers is not an easy issue, with improvements such as impact strength, thermal resistance, flexibility, stiffness and flame retardancy still posing serious challenges, especially for the new bioplastics that are being developed.

Our solutions

In order to solve these needs, AIMPLAS has developed solutions in critical areas for bioplastic improvement based on:

  • Modification via the best route, physical or reactive extrusion.
  • The best additive selection. Bio and non-bio-additives.
  • Working with the appropriate mixing equipment to avoid degradation. Gentle mixing.
  • Correct dispersion and compatibilisation in the polymer matrix.

Technical advice and assistance

AIMPLAS has been working with bioplastics since 2000, mainly in two areas: the modification of existing materials like PLA, starch, PBS, PHA-PHB, and PVOH, with all kinds of natural and synthetic additives; and the development of new bioplastics by reactive extrusion, destructurisation (thermoplastic starches) and gelation (PVOH).

AIMPLAS can help you to:

  • Develop new bioplastics from different kinds of waste.
  • Develop natural reinforced bioplastics.
  • Develop bioplastic blends to obtain new properties.
  • Carry out compounding trials using very small amounts of materials.
  • Modify polymers with new and natural additives and synthetic additive replacement.
  • Upscale compounding for industrial production machines.
  • Draw up datasheets for the new compounds.