Bioplastic developments

Bioplastics and concretely biodegradable plastics have increase their presence in our common life. The main reason has been the need of more sustainable materials, regulations and marketing strategies.

Nevertheless achieving the best performance with biodegradable polymers is not an easy issue, improvements like impact strength, thermal resistance, flexibility, stiffness or flame retardancy are still a challenge, especially for the new bioplastics that are being developed recently.

Our solutions

In order solve these needs AIMPLAS has developed solutions in that critical issues for bioplastic improvement based on:

  • Correct route of modification, physical or by reactive extrusion.
  • Proper additives selection. Bio and non-Bio-additives.
  • Working in the appropriated mixing equipment to avoid degradations. Gentle mixing.
  • Correct dispersion and compatibilization in the polymeric matrix.

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Technical Support

AIMPLAS is working with bioplastics since 2000 mainly in two lines, modification of existing materials like PLA, starch based, PBS, PHA-PHB, PVOH etc.., with all kind of additives, natural and synthetic ones or developing new bioplastics by reactive extrusion, destructurization ( thermoplastic starches) or gelation ( PVOH).

AIMPLAS can help you in:

  • Development of new bioplastics from different kind of wastes.
  • Development of natural reinforced bioplastics.
  • Bioplastic blends for new properties obtaining.
  • Compounding trials using with very small amount of materials.
  • Polymer modification with new and natural additives and synthetic additives replacement.
  • Compounding Scale-up to industrial production machines.
  • Datasheet of the new compounds.

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