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We manage your project

AIMPLAS will provide the technological support you need to develop new products, improve the properties of materials, optimize conversion processes and recover waste. We have the experience, know-how, means and the right people to help you with your project.

Our project management services

  • Personalized attention: You are assigned a project manager who will provide you with support throughout all project life cycle.
  • Direct, private support in the preparation and execution of your project with AIMPLAS to ensure that the project is properly implemented, communication is good and all your expectations are met.
  • We provide support in the preparation and execution of your private project with AIMPLAS to ensure proper project implementation, good communication and meet all your expectations.
  • Individual assessment of project funding opportunities by providing you with assistance when deciding on the most suitable option.
  • Assistance in the application process for public funding by providing administrative support and help with drawing up and presenting your proposal.
  • Support with project monitoring to guarantee proper implementation of the project and ensure compliance with procedures.
  • Assistance in communicating with funding bodies.
  • Scientific and technological dissemination of the project through our media.
  • Support with procedures for providing technical and economic justification for the project.
  • We guarantee your confidentiality.


AIMPLAS has an R&D management system certified in accordance with Spanish standard UNE 166002 by EQA.

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Our innovation process

We provide you with support at every stage of the process, from the moment the idea is conceived until the strategy for its market launch is implemented.

AIMPLAS RDI innovation process

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Funding for your project

We provide effective R&D instruments. We advise you on public funding sources and look for the most suitable financial instrument for your project. We offer comprehensive advice on submitting proposals to any funding programme.

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Can AIMPLAS help me manage my project?

AIMPLAS can only help manage projects that require our technical services.

In what phases of a project’s life cycle can AIMPLAS help me?

AIMPLAS will provide support to your company with the proposal preparation and application procedures, in the process of management and technical coordination of the project. Finally, it will assist in the justification of your project, being the company’s responsibility the preparation and presentation of the justification.

How does the Late Payment Regulation affect me when applying for a project?

If your organization is a profitmaking entity rather than a public law entity, proof must be provided of compliance with the requirement of making payments for commercial operations with suppliers within 30 days (or 60 days if a written agreement is signed). For this purpose, depending on the size of the company, two different paths must be followed:

  1. If your company can submit abbreviated Profit&Loss accounts -> a statement of compliance from the legal representative of the company that provides proof of payment.
  2. Otherwise, a certificate from an auditor and member of the Official Register of Account Auditors (ROAC) certifying that at least 90% of commercial operations comply with supplier payment deadlines.
When are European Union companies considered to be SMEs?

The category of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) consists of companies that employ fewer than 250 persons and whose annual turnover does not exceed €50 million or whose annual balance sheet total does not exceed €43 million.

Can AIMPLAS attend an end-of-project or end-of-milestone meeting with the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI)?


Does AIMPLAS project management involve a cost for my company?

AIMPLAS does not pass on the cost of project management to the company when its technical participation in the project exceeds €18,000.

How does AIMPLAS project management differ from what a consultancy firm does?

At AIMPLAS, we only manage your project if we have technical participation in it (see project life cycle phases).

Interested in working in project management?

Join our team and get ready to work in a company that aims to revolutionize the world of plastics through innovation and creative ideas.