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Agri & Food waste valorisation co-ops based on flexible multi-feedstocks biorefinery processing technologies for new high added value applications

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AGRIMAX will demonstrate the potential of residues and by-products from the processing of tomatoes, olives, cereals and potatoes. AGRIMAX will deliver 2 Pilot plants (Spain and Italy) to demonstrate the technical feasibility of different valorisation technologies for treating the acute agri-food waste surplus. It will also demonstrate of the use of the resulting biocompounds in food, packaging, and agricultural products. We will furthermore study the suitable business models for the new value chain.


By applying multiple processes to these waste streams, a cascade of new, bio-based compounds will be produced with applications in:

  • Packaging (bio-polymers, bio-composites, bio-based coatings, active packaging, stabilising agents)
  • Food (additives, ingredients, natural flavourings, edible coatings, microbial growth media)
  • Agricultural materials (biodegradable pots, mulching films, bio-fertilisers)

End users will test these products to validate their cost effectiveness and performance. Any remaining biomass will be used for biogas or returned to the land for soil enrichment.



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