Optimisation of PVC formulations

Despite some issues over the use of PVC, this material is still very popular in numerous sectors. This is mainly due to its versatility in obtaining products with a very broad range of properties (from highly rigid products, such as pipes, to highly flexible items like leatherette) and to its performance/processability/cost ratio, which make it almost impossible to replace with other plastics. The current PVC market centres on the building industry with profiles, piping, vinyl flooring and WPC decking, wire coatings, blinds, etc., being the most popular products.

However, as a result of the European REACH regulation (No. 19097/2006 (EC), passed on 18th December 2006, and implemented as of 1st June 2007), the use of some PVC additives has been restricted, affecting the production of the final product as well as the options of recycling existing products.

Our solutions

To optimise PVC formulations and to plan ahead for possible new regulations, we offer solutions for users and producers of PVC (and its additives) based on the following guidelines:

  • Design of formulations for specific applications.
  • Selection of the most suitable additive system, depending on the required final properties and applications, processing technology, and applicable legislation.
  • Comparative studies of multiple additive behaviour at lab scale (stabiliser, lubricants, processing aids, etc.) using a torque rheometer.
  • Lab scale and pilot plant scale trials using new additives to test its viability.
  • Weight reduction (density) by modifying formulations.
  • Study and optimisation of PVC formulation processability.
  • Substitution of fillers and additives if necessary.

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Technical advice and assistance

After 15 years of compounding trials, AIMPLAS has acquired considerable experience in the development of PVC-based research projects. This has enabled us to define working protocols to optimise PVC formulations and to introduce new additives and fillers. We have been able to develop new compounds or adapt PVC to new regulations thanks to the use of new additives. AIMPLAS has worked on different projects in rigid, flexible and semi-rigid PVC, using new plasticisers, waxes, lubricants, nanometric fillers, etc.

We offer our experience and assistance in the following areas:

  • Effective mixing in planetary, co-rotating and counter-rotating TSE, and roller mixers.
  • Compounding trials using very small amounts of materials to test new, rare or expensive additives.
  • Use of turbo mixers to obtain dry blends, and high-speed mixers to obtain plastisols.
  • Direct extrusion from sheets and profiles (one-step compounding + extrusion).
  • Direct customer assistance at company’s facilities.
  • Personalised training on formulation design (fillers and additive selection) and processing.

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