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RecyClass Recycling Process

The certification recognizes good manufacturing and waste management practices in the sector of mechanical recycling of plastic waste.


RecyClass Recycling Process is a European certification scheme for recyclers of pre-consumer and post-consumer plastic waste generated in any sector and obtained as recycled products in pellet or flake form.

The aim of this certification is to standardize and promote environmentally friendly plastic waste recycling processes, and monitor good working practices in the areas of waste management and manufacturing. The scheme mainly focuses on the process of traceability and conformity assessment in plastic waste recycling processes.

The key aspects of certification are based on monitoring traceability throughout the treatment process, as well as quality control of the recycled materials, in accordance with European standards based on physical-mechanical characterization standards (e.g. UNE-EN 15344:2022, UNE-EN 15348:2015).

The RecyClass Recycling Process scheme is based on standards UNE-EN 15343:2008 on plastics recycling traceability and assessment of conformity and recycled content, and ISO 22095:2020 on chain of custody.

RecyClass Recycling Process requires a certified auditor to conduct annual audits to inspect specific documentation and requirements necessary to obtain certification. For this purpose, physical visits and inspections must be carried out in which the recycling facility’s input material, recycling processes in operation, and products obtained from the recycling process are checked.

What this certification indicates

RecyClass Recycling Process certification recognizes good manufacturing and waste management practices in the mechanical recycling of plastic waste and guarantees traceability, quality control and safety in the use of certified recycled plastic materials.


  • Competitive advantage
  • Differentiation from other products and organizations
  • Regulatory compliance assurance
  • Access to the European market
  • Improved safety

How to get certified

To be certified, the main requirement is to have a licence or authorization for managing plastic waste. Contact us for the complete list of requirements.


UNE-EN 15343:2008 Plastics. Recycled plastics. Traceability and conformity assessment in plastics recycling and recycled content.

UNE-EN 15344:2022 Plastics. Recycled plastics. Characterization of recycled polyethylene (PE).

UNE-EN 15342:2008 Plastics. Recycled plastics. Characterization of polystyrene (PS) recyclates.

UNE-EN 15348:2015 Plastics. Recycled plastics. Characterization of recycled poly(ethylene terephthalate) (PET).

UNE-EN 15346:2015 Plastics. Recycled plastics. Characterization of recycled poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC).

15345:2008 Plastics. Recycled plastics. Characterization of polypropylene (PP) recyclates.

ISO 22095:2020. Chain of custody.

Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006. REACH is the acronym for Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals.

Law 7 of 8 April 2022 on waste and contaminated soil within the framework of a circular economy.

How long does it take to obtain certification?

Once the audit has been carried out, if the result is favourable, certification is issued within a maximum period of six weeks.

What is the difference between RecyClass Recycling Process and RecyClass Recycled Plastic Traceability certification?

RecyClass Recycling Process focuses on the certification of pre- and post-consumer recycling processes, while RecyClass Recycled Plastic Traceability certification focuses on the traceability of materials along the value chain and the subsequent calculation of recycled content in products.

RecyClass Recycling Process and equivalent certification schemes involve an audit on the origin of the chain of custody of recycled plastics. This means that recyclers who supply material to a company interested in obtaining RecyClass Recycled Plastic Traceability certification must be certified under the RecyClass Recycling Process or an equivalent scheme.

Is RecyClass Recycling Process certification required to supply recycled material to manufacturers of recycled products?

Yes, as long as these converters and manufacturers also opt for the same certification scheme, in this case RecyClass Recycled Plastic Traceability certification.

A specialized team to help you get your certification
Accredited auditors

For each specific certification scheme, we have accredited auditors with extensive experience and knowledge of the sector and applicable regulations.


We bring added value to our clients through proximity throughout the process, flexibility, clarity and transparency, not to mention clear, comprehensible reporting.

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AIMPLAS guarantees the highest technical competence and extensive experience in the field of issuing certificates in the recycling sector and in a broad network of certified companies.