Circular Economy for Plastics

The world is advancing at a rapid pace in all aspects and is constantly growing, resulting in a higher and higher demand for products and resources.

In order to make sustainable growth possible, it is necessary to make the leap to a development model that reduces the amount of resources needed to make new products and that is capable of addressing the waste that it creates.

This means moving on from a linear model based on a “use and throwaway” ideology to a new one, called the Circular Economy. The European Union is opting for this model as it could reduce urban waste by up to 65% by 2030.

Circular Economy Cycle

Why is Circular Economy for Plastics necessary?

In this new model, plastic materials are necessary because they offer considerable benefits as they are capable of being recovered and reused as resources.

The Circular Economy offers answers to the challenge of environmental sustainability and can also be adopted by companies as a business opportunity. Improving designs and management systems and extending the life of plastics can generate new jobs, reduce greenhouse gases and lower dependence on fossil fuels.

What we do at AIMPLAS

At AIMPLAS we have considerable experience in the following areas:

  • We help companies to incorporate investigation, development and innovation in connection with sustainability so that they are more efficient and competitive, whilst also reducing the impact of their activities and their products on the environment.
  • We investigate and develop more sustainable products thanks to eco-design, including biodegradable or compostable materials as well as those derived from sustainable sources.
  • We work to improve mechanical recycling processes and we conduct research into chemical recycling in such a way that the final materials are of sufficient quality to be used in applications with a high added value.
  • We stand firmly for the decarbonisation of the economy through the implementation of CO2 capture projects and its subsequent use to generate polymers.
  • Furthermore, our laboratories are accredited to help companies obtain eco-labels that guarantee the sustainability of their products.

At AIMPLAS we are convinced that the Circular Economy is a great business opportunity for companies but above all for society and the environment, making both growth and development possible whilst being kind to nature and taking care when it comes to natural resources.

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