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Open INnovation ecosystem for sustainable Plant-based nano-enabled biomateRials deploymEnt for maSS MarkEt industry.

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The INN-PRESSME Open Innovated Test Bed (OITB) provides a twofold approach to support European companies in reaching the ambitious objectives:

  • Developing new market-ready products and goods, from bio-based materials, by feedstock conversion. Nano-enabling will make these materials reach and exceed performances of current fossil-based materials. All materials at TRL7 will be environment-friendly according to circular economy principles.
  • Support the digital transition by providing companies with all data and life cycle value chain modelling tools, compatible with an industrial production move to TRL9, from feedstock conversion to material processing. This is key in maximising the use of feedstock materials in the circular economy.


Through the participation of 27 partners from 9 countries, INN-PRESSME is supporting European SMEs and companies to develop bio-based solutions in the packaging, energy, transport, and consumer goods sectors.

Focused on nano-cellulose, bioplastics, and natural fibres, INN-PRESSME Open Innovation Test Bed is offering a wide range of services for feedstock conversion, materials development and upgrading.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement N°952972.



Project partners:

VTT Research | CIDETEC | IPC | CEA | Fraunhofer | AITIIP Technological Centre | PROCESSUM AB | IWN | AIMPLAS | KCL | Gnanomat | Polymaris | Ansys | STAM SRL | SDP GLOBAL EQUITY & CORPORATE CONSULTING SL | IRES | Greenovate Europe | UNE | WSVK | Walki | Skanem Skurup AB | MAIER | Albéa | CRF | Skeleton technologies | Podoactiva | ARJOWIGGINS FRANCE

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