Industry 4.0 applied to plastic compounds, PVC and masterbatch

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In the last two years, the concept ‘Industry 4.0’ has burst into the world of industry, which can be defined as the transformation of the current production processes due to the integration of digital technologies and the Internet.

Industry 4.0 is based on the union of a group of technologies already existing that, applied to industrial processes, will promote the interconnectivity either between the technician and the production process production or between different equipment units to obtain more information about the process, store it and manage it in the best possible way to ensure maximum effectiveness in such process and also improve the relationship between the client and the company.

These technologies are known as Industry 4.0 enabling technologies and they are: the cloud, big data, additive manufacturing, Internet of Things, cybersecurity, autonomous robots, augmented reality, simulation and process integration.

Among the technologies mentioned, some of them are more closely related to production process improvements and others to data management and management tasks in general.

Therefore, technologies such as simulation, advanced sensors (associated with the Internet of Things), big data, augmented reality or additive manufacturing would be directly applicable to processes for obtaining compounds and masterbatches and for PVC formulation.

From the point of view of the immediate impact of results of companies formulating plastics, the enabling technologies to be integrated could be:

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