Packaging integrity after microwaving or dishwasher use

Do you need to check if your product container is microwave or dishwasher resistant?

New consumer trends have created the need for packaging that can hold and protect food, make preparation easier and be reused. Many new packaging options must therefore be microwaveable and/or able to withstand a specific number of dishwasher cycles.

Packaging integrity evaluation testing

At AIMPLAS, we carry out different tests to evaluate the integrity of product containers and packaging materials after being heated in a microwave or washed in a dishwasher.

Resistance to microwave heating tests

Resistance to microwave heating tests are performed in accordance with standard EN 15284. They are used to assess a material’s suitability for use in a microwave and to check its integrity and handling safety. In this test, we visually assess any defects in these materials after they are exposed to microwaves for two time periods, one short and one long, defined based on the power of the microwave. For this assessment, methylene blue is used to mark any defects, given that they are generally not visible.

After each exposure (short and long), the temperature of the material is immediately measured in all areas, especially the thicker ones. The temperature must be over 60°C.

Ensayos resistencia al calentamiento en microondas
Ensayo resistencia a lavavajillas

Dishwasher resistance testing

Our laboratories also carry out dishwasher resistance tests in accordance with standard UNE 53928.

This testing involves washing the samples in successive cycles under the conditions stipulated in the standard and verifying their integrity after washing by examining them visually and comparing them with unwashed samples to identify any changes in the following properties:

  • Colour
  • Gloss
  • Veined
  • Presence of resistant deposits and iridescent layers
  • Cracking, swelling, deformation and delamination

For a plastic container or plastic tableware to be considered reusable, it must be able to withstand a minimum number of washing cycles. The maximum number of cycles the item is able to withstand will be marked on it.

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