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Scratch and abrasion resistance

The scratch and abrasion resistance tests assess the wear and surface deterioration of the coating due to use.

These tests enable us to measure the hardness of the coating or substrate and to determine the resistance of these materials to wear. This information is used to determine the shelf life of parts, identify any changes in optical properties after the scratch tests and calculate the protective capacity of the coating.

Automotive industry

For the automotive industry, different devices can be used to assess scratch and abrasion resistance, such as:

  • Pencil hardness test.
  • Scratch test in accordance with Volkswagen’s PV 3952 standard.
  • Car wash: The laboratory washing unit allows the practical simulation of stress on the painted surfaces in an automatic car wash unit. Up to four test sheets can be moved back and forth under a rotating brush simultaneously. During the process, the brush is sprayed with a washing suspension that simulates dirt in the road. The advance movement of the test sheets, the direction of rotation of the wash brush and the active spray nozzle are coordinated with each other.
  • Five-finger scratch tester.
  • Linear abraser crockmeter.

Construction sector

Depending on the material to be tested and/or the type of product, the most suitable test is selected to evaluate the material’s resistance or hardness.

In the construction industry, tests can be found in different standards, such as UNE-EN 438 on high-pressure decorative laminates (HPL) and UNE-EN 14688 on sanitary appliances.

For paints and varnishes, scratch resistance can be measured using the method described in UNE-EN ISO 1518-1.

In our testing and analysis laboratories, we have the equipment, professionals, and necessary expertise to conduct coating characterization tests. Feel free to contact us.