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Development of new biocomposites with improved properties for car interiors

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The main objective of the project is the development of novel biocomposites adapting the conventional processing techniques used in the automobile industry and other innovative processing technologies and tailoring their properties so they can be validated for use in a vehicle.


The main research has focused on the adaptation of available biopolymers (PLA, PHB) and the creation of a new protein-based biopolymer (SELP) to be used as the base matrix that can comply with automotive industry standards. To achieve this, improvements have been made in the thermal characteristics of these polymers, their hydrolysis resistance, dimensional stability and volatile emissions. This has required the development of new reinforcements and novel additives (such as nanofillers, mineral fillers and treated natural fibres) throughout the project.



Project partners:

4 research centres, 1 university, 1 association and 7 companies

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