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Development of food packaging films based on new PLA compounds

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Development of new technologies that support ecodesign and ecodevelopment in four key sustainability aspects of an agri-food product: the exploitation and recovery of agri-food waste; the reduction of the use of water in processes; recyclability and biodegradability of packaging materials, and efficiency in the supply chain.


The core of the project was to carry out research and development into new cleaner and more efficient technologies in the food life cycle, based on manufacturing, economic and environmental efficiency. AIMPLAS has designed a biodegradable package that increases its barrier properties according to the requirements of the target food and maintains transparency. The packaging was designed to optimise the transport and tasks associated with the Life Cycle Analysis of the food chain and the development of new water reuse systems. The ECOALIM project appears in a context where the concept of eco-development is currently in high demand in terms of social and technological growth given that society is becoming increasingly more aware of sustainable development.

Project partners:

5 technology centres

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