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The house of the future is made from plastic

Innovation on the properties of plastic materials has made possible its application in nearly all spheres of life, as well as in our nearest space, our home. AIMPLAS has developed projects in the construction sector with a relevance recognised at international level. Thanks to it, we can have a very precise idea of what the house of the future is going to be.

The future of houses lies in energy self-sufficiency, sustainability, safety and comfort. In this sense, plastic has become an essential material.

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Plasticos en construcción

Hydrophobic materials

They limit the formation of ice in any surface and repel dirt both in indoor surfaces of sinks, toilets and shower screens and in façades or solar panels in which dirt does not adhere and is totally washed away with rainwater.

Fire-retardant plastics

To avoid dangerous domestic accidents, fire-retardant plastics for household appliances are developed.

Nanomaterials in Construction

Manufacture of wall, roof and floor panels with fire-retardant and electrostatic discharge properties avoiding the accumulation of electrostatic discharge as they may result in fires.

Windows with solar protection

Windows reflecting solar radiation and avoiding internal overheating.

Heating without pipes

Heating system that can integrate itself in floor tiles to produce heat without needing to lay water pipes. Conductive plastic sheets are used, acting as a resistance and being heated when connecting to current.

Walls optimizing energy consumption

Materials applicable to interior coatings, such as walls, able to store heat when there is an excess and release it when needed. Consequently, the energy consumption is optimized.

Insecticide plastics

Insecticide plastics are especially useful in articles of outdoor furniture, pipes, mosquito nettings or wastepaper bins. These materials are also used in paints with insecticide effect.