The H2020 project DAFIA celebrates its first anniversary

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The project DAFIA, a Horizon 2020 project, aims at converting Municipal Solid Wastes and fish processing wastes into useful products, celebrates its first anniversary. 

To celebrate the occasion, the consortium has published a project explanatory video in its website, which was launched for the first time in the third meeting of the DAFIA consortium, held in Copenhagen on 29 November.

The first part of the project has focused on the characterization of different types of MSW and fish wastes and their processing to allow their use in chemical and biotechnological processes later.

The project has achieved several goals in its first year: fish wastes have been converted into flame retardants to be used in polymers and the MSW organic fraction has been successfully processed in a nutrient medium for microbial growth to obtain monomers, which are chemical compounds used to synthetize polymers.

In the second year of DAFIA, the microbial conversion of the wastes treated in basic unities like diacid and diamine will be optimized, and their scaling and purification will start. Polymers will be synthetized jointly from isolated monomers.

Food packages and coatings will be also developed from gelatine derived from fish processing wastes. Moreover, work in technical-economic and life-cycle evaluations will be initiated. In total, the project will last four years and the last years will be focused on expanding and standardizing all the processes developed to facilitate their marketing.

IMAGE: Researcher of the project DAFIA fractioning a Nutrimar salmon at SINTEF Ocean ©SINTEF 

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Further information on the project is available by subscription to DAFIA’s newsletter through its website or writing an email.

This project has been funded by the EU Horizon 2020 Programme for Research and Innovation, grant agreement number 720770.




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