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Tests to evaluate the quality of methacrylate protective screens


On the way to the “new normality ” and applying new protective measures against COVID-19, methacrylate screens are very present in shops, offices, chemists, hospitals, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels and leisure and sports facilities. They will be used even at the beach to minimize COVID-19 infections.

Screen distributors and shop owners are asking themselves several questions. Are they impact resistant? Do they have good flexural strength? Are they transparent enough? Will the material expand with heat? Will it yellow when exposed to summer UV radiation?

ISO 7823 is widely used to check the quality of Poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) sheets.

In particular, this standard has three parts:

  • The first part applies to methacrylate sheets manufactured by casting.
  • The second part applies to extruded products.
  • The third part is focused on the PMMA obtained by continuous casting.

The three parts of this standard require very similar tests, although the requirements for values obtained in the tests to verify whether the product is valid or not are different. The tests for ISO 7823 part 1 are shown in the following table:

ensayo fisico mecanico


At AIMPLAS we offer assistance and testing services for methacrylate screens, sheets and face shields to verify whether the product complies with the quality specifications of ISO 7823. You can receive a report and a certificate of results that can serve as a sales tool and ensure the quality and safety of your product. Do not hesitate to contact us.


Joan Giner Olcina

Physical & Mechanical Characterization Laboratory