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Sustainable solutions in plasticulture


Plasticulture has brought about a real revolution in the farming world and society in general by making it possible to convert a great deal of land lacking in agricultural potential into productive farmland.

The versatility of the plastic materials used in the agricultural sector makes them ideal for many different applications, providing numerous advantages for crops.

Of the most commonly used polymeric materials in plasticulture, conventional thermoplastic polymers stand out. However, due to the waste these materials can generate when managed poorly, interest in the use of alternative materials that can solve these problems is growing. Biodegradable polymeric materials are among these alternative materials.

Find out which materials are most commonly used, what opportunities biodegradable polymers offer us in plasticulture, what are the trends and new customised developments that contribute to solving plastic waste management challenges in the agricultural sector.

Download e-book: Plastics in Agriculture

At AIMPLAS we can help you develop customized materials for use in plasticulture.

  • Application of biodegradable materials in agricultural facilities.
  • Use of recycled materials.
  • Materials with advanced functionalities.
  • Development of controlled release systems.
  • Composting methodologies and crop quality assessment

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