You can now register for the 9th European Weathering Symposium

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From 18-20 September, the 9th European Weathering Symposium (31st Colloquium of Danubian Countries on Natural and Artificial Ageing of Polymers) will be held in Basel, Switzerland.

This event, the only exclusive meeting in the field of natural and artificial weathering of polymers and a meeting point for experts from industry and academia, will discuss the following topics: weathering of polymeric products (plastics and coatings), determination, simulation and effects of relevant climatic quantities, new test procedures and devices, weathering reference materials, analysis of polymer degradation and service-life prediction.

Eva Bejarano, head of the Chemical Laboratory of AIMPLAS, is part of the International scientific committee of the event, organised on behalf of CEEES by the German Society for Environmental Engineering GUS and supported by the Swiss Society for Environmental Engineering SVU.

The conference will be held at Hotel Euler (Basel) and registration is already available. More information and programme at: www.weathering-symposium.org

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