Published work programs by the European Commission for 2023-2024

Category: Grants for developing R&D projects

The European Commission has published work programs corresponding to the annual year recurrence of 2023-2024. Although the work programs are not definite, they are useful for anticipating the preparation of proposals and do not hope for changes in its definitive publication.

The structural framework of the programme is continued from the previous H2020 programme, with a three-pillar structure, scientific excellence, global challenges and industrial competitivity, breaking down clusters and innovating Europe. Furthermore, exists a transversal axis, whose objective is to increase the participation and to strengthen the European Space of Investigation. The work programmes are based on the strategic programme that defines the political and themed priorities that will finance it during the first four years 2021-2024.

During the year 2022, AIMPLAS participated in 271 Research and Development projects of which 80 are international projects, involving 512 companies, of which 375 are PYMES, generating a return  for the companies of 62.7 million euros. In the H2020 framework programme, it executed 45 projects with an average duration of 44 months, of which 16 are coordinated from the centre, with a success rate of presented proposals of 14%, maintaining the 14th position of Spanish entities with more activities led.

At AIMPLAS we promote the participation in the framework programme with the preparation of proposals that allow the maturing of new technologies, accompanying the companies in all the phases of preparation and posterior execution, helping them in the constitution of committees with other European partners. Furthermore, the access to public financing, with its participation within the Horizon Europe framework programme, will allow it to continue being competitive, establishing networks of collaboration and sharing the risks of R&D developments.

Tell us your idea and we will find the best way to participate in order to reach success. You can get in contact with us by filling out this form.

The work programs that can be consulted on are here.

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