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New eco-friendly traps to control the Pine Processionary

The meeting to launch the LIFE PISA project (LIFE13 ENV/ES/000504) took place on July 30th at AIMPLAS. This research aims to develop new eco-friendly traps to control the Pine Processionary in recreational and urban areas. To this end, two types of traps will be implemented: one to attack the plague in its larval state and another one to attack it in its adult state.

Year after year, severe irritations and allergic reactions, leading to serious illnesses, follow in individuals and animals that are in direct contact with these Procesionary caterpillars or their small hairs carried by air. Furthermore, these caterpillars produce defoliation of pines, which can even die. The University of Molise (Italy), the University of Thessaly and the Benaki Phytopathological Institute (Greece), the Forestry Commission (Scotland) and the insect traps producer company SANSAN Prodesing S.L. (Spain) are considering the consortium of the project led by the Plastics Technology Centre (AIMPLAS). In addition, the Directorate General of Rural Affairs of the Generalitat Valenciana supports this research with logistic and technical assistance.

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