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New analysis equipment at AIMPLAS’ Chemical Laboratory

análisis de microplásticos

In order to expand the possibilities of analysis by infrared spectroscopy on plastic samples of different characteristics, AIMPLAS has acquired new equipment that combines the typical techniques of infrared spectroscopy with the advantages of having a microscope attached to the spectrophotometer to perform IR analysis on samples or areas of microscopic size. In addition, thanks to this acquisition, it will be possible to perform mapping of areas of the sample visualized by the microscope, thus obtaining a chemical image of the characterized sample by the different infrared spectra obtained in the image.

This new equipment is a FRONTIER infrared spectrophotometer attached to a SPOTLIGHT 400 microscopy system, both PERKIN-ELMER systems. The microscope has, besides the standard configuration for spectra in microscopic areas trough transmission and reflection, an ATR image accessory with which chemical image mapping can be performed with spatial resolutions of less than 3 microns.

With the acquisition of this equipment, it will be possible to analyse, in a faster and more precise way, multilayer film samples directly and with simple sample preparation. It will also be possible to analyse other small stratified samples as well as any impurity or defect in surfaces or plastic parts matrices.

Another application where it can be very useful is in the analysis of microplastics.

análisis de microplásticos

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César Gadea
Chemical Characterization Laboratory