Infographic: Ecolabels and certifications applicable to the recycling of plastic materials

Categories: Circular Economy, Recycling

At AIMPLAS we have created this infographic to help companies to know some of the most important ecolabels and certification related to the recycling of plastic materials.

These are certifications that can be obtained in reference to the production of recycling (EuCertPlast), the content of recycled material included in a plastic product (RecyClass and Blue Angel) and the level of recyclability of the plastic product (RecyClass). In this infographic it is clearly identified which ones are applicable to recyclers, processing companies, and packers.

These certifications help to improve the positioning of the company with respect to others in the sector, and in the case of those that attain to the product, they can contribute to its commercialisation as they distinguish it for its lower environmental impact.

At AIMPLAS we rely on professional specialists for advice and the achievement of these environmental labels. Contact us

Infographic Recycling ecolabels

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