RecyClass: Certification for companies that manufacture plastic products

RecyClass is a plastics value chain Platform lead by the European association Plastics Recyclers Europe.

AIMPLAS has been recognized as a certification body by RecyClass to evaluate the recyclability of plastic packaging.

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Trazabilidad contenidp de plástico reciclado

Recycled Plastics Traceability Certification

This certification scheme accredits the traceability of a recycled material from its source and the exact recycled content of each product. Providing transparent information on the source of recycled materials, whether pre-consumer or post-consumer, increases consumer confidence in a product’s environmental sustainability.

In this case, there is no minimum recycled content, as is the case with Blue Angel, which requires that at least 80% be recycled. Instead, the exact percentage a product contains is determined and the recycled content may be pre-consumer or post-consumer in origin.

This represents an opportunity for companies, since the range of products eligible for this certification is wider. AIMPLAS has Spain’s only auditor for this certification.

Packaging Recyclability

AIMPLAS has been approved by RecyClass as a certification body and has experts who conduct audits to verify the recyclability of packaging. During these audits, the companies’ evaluation of their packaging is checked by means of the RecyClass online tool.

Recyclass certificado
Reciclabilidad de films y recipientes

Packaging Technology Validation

Plastics Recyclers Europe recognizes AIMPLAS as an independent laboratory for carrying out the technological approval of recyclability for PE films and PP films in accordance with the RecyClass evaluation protocol.

When packaging is innovative in nature and therefore not included in the RecyClass recycling guidelines, our laboratories will study it in accordance with a recyclability protocol, and the results will then be evaluated by the RecyClass technical committees.

The certification means that the product can carry a label, which can then be used for marketing purposes.

Pilot audits

The pilot audits carried out to help optimize the certification scheme were performed by only four auditors across Europe. In Spain, AIMPLAS was responsible for conducting audits at the companies Armando Álvarez and Klöckner Pentaplast.

This certification, which was also prepared in collaboration with auditors from Denmark, Belgium and Italy, is complementary to EuCertPlast certification, given that traceability in the recycling process is now included in follow-up until transformation into the finished product, in accordance with the same traceability criteria.

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